There has always been this tug of war over the art of the abstract and the art of the figurative. I have never understood the total commitment to one side or the other as both have roots within each other. Just like in sports, politics and objects of beauty many feel passionate about their choices. […]


Art and Brand

I am in awe of people who can be both a creative force as well as market and promote their work. So much of making art has been personal and made in the singular realm. The marriage always felt ideal as I have a natural tendency to search for solace. I have been social enough […]

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Is Art Important To You?

We are all interested in something which exist on this planet.Some people  are attracted to garage sales and flea markets. Many spend their spare time scouring for glimpses from the past. Certainly there are beautiful objects to be found in all of these haunts. I am especially attracted to used music, books and vintage stores. […]

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What is my thought process?

Some have asked me,”What does my art mean”? I don’t have one answer. First I like to think of it as visual storytelling. The tale is  going on in my head as I am creating the work. Sometimes it starts with several drawings. And although I use these drawings as references; many times the end results has been greatly altered. Have you ever went somewhere perhaps a film or even a concert and what you thought you would see was not exactly the way you perceived it to be? The process in making a painting is to keep it open to a changing dialogue. The tools one uses,the substrate the light and my emotions all dictate the direction of my work.

At this period in my life I am experiencing a renaissance in my mind. I am moving forward with future ideas while reflecting on the past. I have always explored the spiritual side to my nature yet now it’s intermixed with a specific daily meditation practice.My meditations started as a way to help me heal from a serious brain injury two years ago. The introspection from the daily practice has released a new element in my work. Not completely sure why or even if the meditations are the reason. I would like to believe they are. They are at least giving me more clarity within my body and my mind in relationship to an ever challenging world.

Some of my favorite painters of the last 100 years have been artist who really move the paint around. I think you will find the subject matter in my work is one thing and the other aspect of my work would be my color palette which all tends to lead to highly emotional content. Expressionism is the tag most used in describing my work. I have made a lot of images incorporating faces. I have made an almost equal amount incorporating a figurative impression.Some of the faces are an inverted me. Some are distortions of myself from different times in my life. While others are characters manifested. You will find most of my images tend toward earthy  to darker tones when referencing to flesh. There is only one reason.The lack of darker skin seen in art history. My school years and beyond was a visual sea of figures and faces all alluding to the fact that perhaps I was invisible. As I became more conscious of my life and my thoughts; I reached out to find my own unique voice in art. I decided I would use pigments like burnt sienna,raw umber,violet earth.

I don’t work from a live model anymore. I prefer the distance of artist to real life scenarios. The advantage is a world of my own conception. A place open to my imagination. Sometimes it can be a full robust canvas or images on a flattened plane. Cinematic . I have been influenced by both photography and film. I find illusion and innuendo to be constant cohorts in my work process.

I am a story teller. I like weaving words and images in a crooked pattern which allows the viewer to draw their own opinion . To seek their own relationship with the image.

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Art for Artist&Craftsman

I have been had at work creating art for the  entrance way space  for my store Artist&Craftsman . This is the second A&C in the Philadelphia area .The first is located in the Old City section of Philadelphia . This one should be up and running  by the middle of March.  Artist&Craftsman is the greatest […]

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The Passage of Time

I don’t know about most of you but I am feeling time is scurrying by me quite quickly now. When I look in the mirror I no longer see the young man anymore. It’s kind of shocking. A few people I have known have also passed on to the great beyond. I am starting to […]

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